You’re on your morning commute. You’re in a train, presumably. You’ve got minutes to spend — but they’re only minutes. Your stop is approaching fast, yet you want to read the news for today. You launch a couple of the famous news websites on separate tabs, say, on your iPad or iPhone. You see an overload of information. You click a news item. It’s hard to understand the main point. Before you even reach the next news item, you’ve arrived. It’s too late. The news articles are too lengthy. Too Long; and therefore, you didn’t read.

We’re here to fix that.

We’re TL;DR — we give you the summary, the synopsis, the main contention and the entire idea in one simple paragraph. Enough to get you to skim them. Browse a week’s worth of topics in a few minutes. So you don’t have to say, “Too Long; Didn’t Read”. We’re the news, but faster. We pull the news from popular sites. And we have fun while we’re at it.

Too Long; Didn’t Read — above? Well we’re just faster news. Faster for us, faster for you.

The Editorial Team

Well, who are we? We’re just a humble 4-member team browsing the news and summarising it for you. We are:

Because we’re just 4, we need more! If you think you can cover one of the many great topics (as shown in the colourful navigation sidebar) then hit us up at We’re on the look for many volunteers, so don’t be shy!

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On the Design

The main font used within the site is Avenir. For it’s geometric (almost humanistic) sans-serif design, the typeface truly describes the nature of this website. It’s also French for “future” — in that we’re so busy in this modern time we have little time to spare for acknowledging the news. The rest of the site of course was designed with Espresso for Mac, and is licensed BY-NC-SA of the Creative Commons. The site is designed by former member @CJMLGRTO