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Nigel Slater's pea recipes


Fresh peas are wonderful in soups and salads, but nothing quite beats shelling them and popping them straight in, says Nigel Slater

Sugary Breakfasts: Morning Meals With More Sugar Than A Snickers Bar


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some people may be eating things that contain just as much sugar as a candy bar. Breakfast bars, marshmallow or cookie cereals, smoothies and flavored yogurt all contain high amounts of sugar, eating too much of which can lead to an increased diabetes risk.

How to make a perfect raspberry ripple ice cream


It is easier than you think to make ice cream at home. No fancy equipment, just a bowl, a thermometer and a whisk. This has the advantage of knowing how much raspberry you use for example.

Soon, a bunch of expired French food will suddenly be OK to eat


French Food and Agriculture Minister Guillaume Garot announced a plan to combat high levels of food wastage, by tweaking labelling regulations to replace “best before” with “preferably to be consumed before”, and by making it easier to give food to government-run collection programs.

Adding salt to sweet will always be a seller


Despite concerns about salt levels in biscuits, a survey from campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) has shown that some sweet biscuits are saltier than popcorn. Marks & Spencer’s salted caramel will feature this Christmas, as adding salt to sweet remains popular.

Mobile food vans told to get going


Melbourne City Council has banned mobile food trucks from operating in the Docklands vicinity due to rising concerns from restaurants in the area.