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Did you know that our attention span has fallen to only eight seconds? Yes, for most of us, there's this powerful urge to do something different every eight seconds.

It's a serious problem. Students who really want to stay focused during their classes only manage to do so for about 10 to 15 minutes. And yet, their classes last for 50 to 120 minutes each.

So, how do we fix this problem? I'd like to say that the answer is easy, but it's not. My name is Brian McIntosh (yeah, it's spelled almost like that computer) and I've got an MD in psychology. I help a select group of people improve their lives.

I had good results with people who listened to classical music concerts, for example. They had to stay still for 40-50 minutes, without being allowed to check their Facebook feeds. Some of them even liked the music!

This website is a tool that's supposed to help anyone increase their attention span. My main target group consists of teenagers who are passionate about technology. The tech news I'm posting here are carefully crafted, with the goal of making them push beyond and destroy the eight seconds attention span barrier.

If you want to improve your teenager's attention span, contact me - maybe we can work together.
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